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Our Approach

A deep-rooted understanding of luxury and digital commerce

Texture is the integrated digital advertising and marketing agency for premium and luxury brands. We execute beautiful digital marketing campaigns, engage with audiences online and build best in class digital capability. We enhance the ‘luxury experience’ using modern marketing and technology.

We are storytellers and help brands form a dialogue with customers across a complete range of domestic and international channels. We enhance brand perception through intelligent digital campaigns and motivate aspirants to do the talking for us.

Our approach is somewhere between the cutting-edge of digital and the tried-and-true of a traditional media agency. Creative design coupled with our obsession for performance enables us to deliver on both brand and commercial objectives.

We specialise in working with brands who have a specific kind of customer. We’ve spent years nurturing our way of thinking in order to realise the potential of premium brands through online strategy and campaigns.

We leverage cutting-edge technology in e-commerce and data, underpinned by a traditional way of thinking and appreciation for our client’s values, to generate outstanding results.

We are a truly international agency, capable of reaching audiences from London and New York to behind The Great Firewall and beyond.


Texture are phenomenal! Their dedication and know-how combined make them a dream team to work with. The team’s carefully curated segmentation strategy really pays off!

Patty Chan, 111SKIN

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